Dolly by Le Petit Tom ® Pettiskirts, Ballet Dresses, Tutus, Baby & Girl Shoes Handmade in Italy. The DOLLY Collection has the New Basics in fashion cause dolly girls want to wear these everyday anyway!
Dolly’s Pearled Up cardigan in jute color is very naturel! Coming soon. #dolly @lepetittom

Dolly’s Pearled Up cardigan in jute color is very naturel! Coming soon. #dolly @lepetittom

Sneak preview! Do you like our LA DOLLY tweed coin purse ? Made from real Chanel tweed! Coming in clutch purses too :-) @lepetittom #lintontweeds #dolly

Sneak preview! Do you like our LA DOLLY tweed coin purse ? Made from real Chanel tweed! Coming in clutch purses too :-) @lepetittom #lintontweeds #dolly


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Featuring Fashion Show and on last day sales for public



From February 28th to March 2nd 2014

Tour & Taxis – Brussels

« CHOCOLAT AND MILK » A.S.B.L. (association sans but lucratif) is gathering young women who all

share a passion for childhood creation, audacious and precise - lovers of nice things well done - always

being on the look out of the emergent and talented creations. So they dare a commercial gamble,

namely to create the first LITTLE FASHION WEEK in Brussels, with the benevolent and confident help

of Federal and Walloon Government.

The Little Fashion Week is above all a trade show, convivial, structured for appealing the visitors’

senses (welcome and convenience), it will enable designers to meet buyers from all around the world,

to show their creations to the Press, the last day being a selling day welcoming the public (that is the

Open Day Sunday March 2nd )

With this event, sort of out of step and audacious, those “fashion revolutionaries” mobilized

themselves to gather and highlight, on the same level, small and great international designers

involved in the childhood creation trade, from fashion to design (12 nations up to now ).

It is not “another one more” exhibition, it a brand new-born window opening on the real and talented

to-day creations, free from the rapacity of the “most seen”. In few words, an exhibition structured and

thought in another and new way.


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First printed catalogs of upcoming 2014 collection LA DOLLY

Exciting news! First printed catalogs of upcoming high and prestigious 2014 collection LA DOLLY arrived today. Sneak preview here. Coming soon.


The LA DOLLY is the high and prestigious collection of DOLLY by Le Petit Tom ®

Handmade pieces from Italian silk and tweed coming from Lintons UK, Lintons is also the supplier of the house of Chanel making it extra special.

Made in Italy, UK Lintons Chanel tweeds and Dutch design! It can’t be more exclusive. 

Available soon online www.lepetittom.nl and in many of our esteemed sales points across UK, Europe, Australia, Canada and USA


DOLLY Pettiskirts in winter shop window of KERASO Greece

DOLLY Pettiskirts in Beautiful Winter Wonderland shop window of KERASO Event planner Company in Greece

KERASO http://www.keraso.com

They can turn every  social and business event in a unique experience!

Marriage, baptism, the reception, the parties, anniversaries, inauguration, theme events, the bachelor’s parties, corporate events …. require knowledge, experience, organization, style, imagination and great taste.

Keraso offers is difference from the usual result.

Affordability and adherence to budget and time do not steal any of the quality and excellent service!

Thank you for your beautiful shop windows featuring DOLLY pettiskirts!

Διεύθυνση: Μεγαλόχαρης 12 Τήνος  —|—   Τηλ.: 22830 26307, 22830 26130, 6947188984   —|—   e-mail: info@keraso.com

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DOLLY TAIWAN PREMIERE! La Vida www.lavida.com.tw

DOLLY TAIWAN PREMIERE! La Vida www.lavida.com.tw DOLLY TAIWAN Premiere!

Announcing shop LAVIDA http://www.lavida.com.tw/ as our 1st authorized retailer for the DOLLY collection. She sells our Dolly Italian baby shoes and lots of popular items from the Dolly fashion range. Already the TOM moccasins are a big hit she mailed us today! Enjoy our Dolly’s all the way in Taiwan! …all girls across the world speak the same language: DOLLY

www.lavida.com.tw  Dolly fashion pettiskirts, tutu’s and dresses. Of course our most popular dress: the Bubble dress!

www.lavida.com.tw  TOM moccasins for baby boys!

www.lavida.com.tw  Dolly shoes

www.lavida.com.tw  Dolly shoes , TOM Italian shoes and Dolly fashion

JUST BY MANON BLOG about Dolly collection

30 May 2012

Dolly by Le Petit Tom

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Maak kennis met DOLLY! Le Petit Tom’s private label met modische basics voor meisjes. Het is dat ik drie jongens heb maar anders…
Dolly brengt gave meidenkleding voor echt girly girl meisje. De populaire en welbekende Hollywood Pettiskirts is ‘geDollied’ en hernoemd als DOLLYWOOD. De rokjes zijn in veel verschillende modellen en in nog meer prachtige kleuren te verkrijgen. Ik vind dat ieder meisje zo’n rokje zou moet hebben. Wat is er als meisje mooier dan door het leven mogen als een échte prinses. En bij de kleinste maatjes zit er zelfs voor je dochtertje haar lievelingspop of beer nog een mini rokje bij. Pop én dochter blij!
Hip zijn ook de T-hirts van Dolly, prachtige aangesloten tees met grappige en modische artwork en grafische prints. Combineer ze met Dolly’s pettiskirts en tutu’s en maak het geheel compleet met de mooie (ballerina) schoenen voor de fashionable Dolly look!
De collectie van DOLLY is een fantasierijke collectie die je dochter het hele jaar door draagt en het liefst iedere dag! En veel items hebben ze ook in mama maten;-). Mama, dochter en pop blij!!
Dolly by Le Petit Tom
 30 May 2012